The humans on board

Vladimir Petkov, CEO

Vladimir has nearly two decades’ experience in business development, digital media and automation integration. Beyond his work with Identrics and its big sister A Data Pro, he lectures at Sofia University and produces several popular podcasts.

Deyan Peychev, CTO

With a decade in the field, Deyan is a veteran in the development of semantic technologies and methods for knowledge extraction from unstructured text. He is a Biotechnology graduate, with academic interests including genetic engineering, molecular biology and bioinformatics.

Vasil Shivachev, COO

Vasil has 15 years’ experience in information technologies and services, having held diverse roles, ranging from DevOps Engineer to managing a computer retail chain. He’s an avid audio- and technophile, who collects turntables and rare and historic components for music and home theatre systems.

Iva Marinova, Data Scientist

Iva’s experience covers deep learning and artificial neural networks, statistical data analysis and NER. She speaks four languages and holds the unlikely combination of a Master’s degree in Computer and Information Systems Security and a Bachelor’s in Theatre.

Nikola Velichkov, Software Developer

Nikola is an A-to-Z software engineer with a five years of commended performance in modular and object-oriented programming and a degree in Computer Science. Beyond his purely professional role, he is the outside-the-box thinker that connects Identrics with A Data Pro and its other brands.

Valentin Kalbov, Software Developer

Valentin has an informatics background and is responsible for adapting machine and deep learning tools to be used by our data scientists. A craft beer enthusiast, guitar player and jazz aficionado, he is a graduate of the University of Sussex, who came back to Bulgaria to join Sofia’s thriving tech industry in 2018.

Kristian Krastev, Machine Learning Engineer

Kristian is an R&D engineer and data scientist, working on Machine/Deep Learning applications for Natural Language Processing in the data intelligence industry. He is skilled in Python, Java and C/C++. A cinema buff, Kristian volunteers at a local film production company, and speaks Russian and French.