We combine technologies to expand your possibilities

Our R&D team has put a lot of efforts in developing and constantly improving Identrics flexible integration framework for data processing and semantic analysis. This specific software environment allows us to design and combine together diverse technologies - open-source and proprietary ones. You can rely on us, as a trusted partner and advisor, to recommend the right selection of technologies suited to your case.

Machine Learning

If you need a computer program to learn, grow and change by itself when exposed to new data, this type of artificial intelligence is your right answer.

Semantic Web

If you need to uncover hidden knowledge, the semantic web is for you. Stop being an organization, drowning in your very own accumulated data - start making sense of it.

Natural Language Processing

If you need to automatically understand a text, derive meaning and even generate new content, this approach will be helpful.

Named-entity Recognition

If you need to automatically recognize entities as company names, geographic locations, car marques or product brands in text, NER will come handy.


Don't waste precious resources researching the overly time-consuming AI, text mining and semantic web. We're here to strengthen your decision-making process and offer advice in tough situations.

Training and Support

We organize tailor-made training in the area of AI, text mining and semantic web. Depending on your location, the sessions are available on-site, at our office or online.

Start a conversation

Whether you work in a small or a large organization, our professionals can help in evaluating your needs and preparing a relevant implementation plan.