See how they feel

Sentiment analysis, also called opinion mining or emotion AI, tells you how people feel about a certain topic, be it a person, brand, product or stock, as communicated independently of potentially misleading survey questions. Our multilingual sentiment analysis solution helps you understand attitudes expressed in-text to inform your decisions.  

We guarantee accuracy thanks to our award-winning human-in-the-loop model, overseen and constantly improved by our [sister company] A Data Pro’s analysts. Our tool is currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Italian, Chinese (traditional), Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Dutch.

We can additionally train models  according to your specific criteria and with your datasets to offer you a custom solution. 

Use cases

  • Sentiment analysis provides invaluable insight to PR and marketing professionals — whether for scoping attitudes at early product development stages or to measure the effect of campaigns. Opinion expressed publicly via media and social media is often regarded as more reliable than prompted opinion-sharing via methods like marketing surveys, focus groups or NPS, as it is more likely to be honest and untainted by a surveyor’s questions. 

    We work with PR, marketing and advertising agencies and in-house departments to them  help streamline their communications efforts via tailored messaging aimed at clearly defined target audiences.

  • In the age of social media and easily available free content, news outlets and publishers need to be a step ahead of current events and the latest trends to stay relevant and produce engaging content. Sentiment analysis scopes public opinion, helping define the topics people are most interested in. In turn, this allows media to focus their editorial efforts on the stories that are likely to have the greatest impact and viral potential. 

    We work with news outlets and publishers to help them better tailor their editorial output to their audiences.

  • Sentiment analysis is a valuable tool for measuring public sentiment towards campaign messages, policy changes, analysing criticism or support for a party leader or public official, predicting election outcomes and political unrest, among others. It can also be used to automatically detect radicalisation and extremism in social media. 

    We work with governments, public sector and political entities to help them evaluate the public opinion before, during and after key events. 

  • Applying sentiment analysis to financial news and commentary is a powerful way to extract industry insights and market trends. By analysing public opinion — whether that of industry leaders, financial commentators, or the general public with regard to market-shaping news —  financiers can make better predictions on market movements, financial outcomes and fluctuations, and prepare for potential crises.

    We work with trading firms and financial service providers to help them make decisions informed by all the opinions that matter.

Do you need a personalised approach? Check out our customisation & DSaaS capabilities.