Get the entities out

Our multilingual entity extraction solution automatically identifies  information of interest to you, including persons, organisations, brands, locations, events and e-mail addresses, among others. 

We guarantee accuracy thanks to our award-winning human-in-the-loop model, overseen and constantly improved by our sister company A Data Pro’s analysts. Our tool is currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Italian, Chinese (traditional), Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Dutch.

We can additionally train models  according to your specific criteria and with your datasets to offer you a custom solution.

Use cases

  • Entity extraction is key to banking and finance, especially considering ever-stricter KYC,  risk and compliance, and due diligence procedures. With unstructured data volumes increasing exponentially, keeping track of persons, organisations and transactions of “special” interest is a tedious and time-consuming task. We eliminate the need for manual research, analysis and information processing of articles by sifting through the data automatically.

    We extract critical facts for banks and other financial institutions to facilitate fraud detection, transaction monitoring, and identification of politically exposed persons or criminals, among others. In fact, it was our “Special Interest Person Finder” solution that earned us a Stevie award and nominations for the Wealthbriefing and Data Management Review awards.

  • Entity extraction has multiple applications in the media and publishing industry, helping improve efficiency, relevance and reliability.   Among other uses, it can be put towards fact-checking efforts, identifying patterns and trends to facilitate research, giving suggestions for future content or interlinking related content, and indexing archives. 

    We work with media outlets and publishers to  ensure their content is ordered, easily accessible, relevant and reliable, thus increasing readers’ quality time on-site and helping boost ad sales.

  • Government institutions increasingly turn to machine learning and AI-based solutions to handle their vast workloads. The most common uses of AI by government institutions are in anti-money laundering  and security, with entity extraction-based tasks including transaction monitoring, identification and verification of special interest persons, and identification of cyber events and threats, and the entities involved in them.   

    Our entity extraction solution helps governments keep a tab not only on regulatory and security issues, but on maintaining and ordering its own content and resources.

  • Every fourth purchase worldwide is made online. In this booming e-commerce environment, businesses must offer a smooth, intuitive experience to shoppers, and more and more do it by turning to entity extraction. Entity extraction helps online businesses optimise and interconnect their catalogue by classifying products into contextual groups, thus allowing for better product suggestions and increased search relevancy. 

    A semantic-based search engine that deploys structured data in the form of entities, attributes and relationships is absolutely necessary for e-commerce websites — this is where our entity extraction solution comes in.

Do you need a personalised approach? Check out our customisation & DSaaS capabilities.