Say hello to Identrics @ World Publishing Expo 2016

We’re proud to announce that Identrics will be present at the World Publishing Expo 2016, the annual event of the news publishing industry.

Our long-standing passion, mingled with a heavy background in media and technology companies, have helped us design solutions for every step of the content lifecycle. From state-of-the-art CMS to automatic content categorization, recommendations and named entity recognition.

One of our best sellers is the automated journalism platform. The software can create thousands of news stories or reports on certain topics much quicker, cheaper and with fewer errors than a human can.

The roll-out of the product was backed by the strengths of A Data Pro Group, which we are part of. A Data Pro is a global company with a team of 350+ data analysts, working in 35+ languages and having extensive country, region and industry specific knowledge.

Publishers can rely on our team of multilingual researches to select the web sources, editors to compose the templates, software engineers to roll out data harvesting systems and story generation algorithms. What is more, we can automatically categorize and tag the data, as well as recognize mentions of company names, geographic locations, etc.

As advocates of achieving business sustainability and growth through a culture of innovation, we’re eager to meet like-minded industry professionals and discuss points of cooperation at WPE 2016.

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