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Our R&D team has put a lot of effort in developing and constantly improving Identrics' flexible integration framework for data processing and semantic analysis. This specific software environment allows us to design and combine together diverse technologies - open-source as well as proprietary ones.

This adaptable integration network is based on two open source technologies - pipeline designer CCIL (Classification Clustering and Inter-Linking) and application framework CyberCore. We have improved them a great deal in order to offer high-quality services, integration with numerous third-party libraries in one common development environment and capabilities to build custom data mining solutions.

We feel indebted to a number of universities and computer scientists for having invested years in the development of such technologies and AI (for example, Stanford University, MIT, the Bulgarian Academy of Science). We invest a lot of effort in getting to know their research and use their progress to offer the best possible solutions and services on the market. You can rely on us, as a trusted partner and advisor, to recommend the right selection of technologies suited to your case.