Discover Hidden Knowledge in Your Data

What can you do with raw data, for example 10,000 news stories? Data is just data, move to the next level! It would take so much time for a journalist or analyst to read all these articles, understand the correlations between entities and finally, find the logical facts and the further knowledge.

Identrics works with unstructured data, for example, in the form of articles. We perform different methods for information extraction and as a result the data becomes more valuable and can be used in new and more profound ways, employing metadata enrichment and creating knowledge graphs. The extracted metadata helps us build semantic knowledge graphs. This way findability and scalability of new insights in large volumes of gathered data is made possible. Мuch quicker and with less efforts anyone can search the information, draw further conclusions and find hidden knowledge. The semantic web technologies are widely used to make us hyper-capable to analyze the scaling data in a faster and efficient way leading to a deeper knowledge.

Our team is interested to work with the latest semantic web technologies and link your web content, enriching it with external sources. That’s how you get an intelligent representation and access to all the gathered knowledge! We’re not talking about simple representation of information, but rather knowledge representation! New knowledge.

The semantic web helps you get to deep conclusions through very simple methods. Stop being an organisation, drowning in your very own accumulated data - start making sense of it.

The Knowledge Graph is the result of the semantic network approach. The results can be used in the work of analysts, as well as end clients. Pharma companies, publishers, libraries and museums are already using semantic web technologies.

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