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Multilingual Abstractive Summarisation

Automated abstractive summaries are generated by using a combination of machine learning models.

The algorithm understands the text and summarises it in “its own words”.

Identrics’ technology can generate near-human-like shorter retellings of different types of texts. Our product transforms multilingual content from all over the world and summarises it in English.

The research and development of the product have been funded by the Bulgarian National Innovation fund within the “Development of an automatic abstract summary system – AutotekSt” project.

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We build award-winning AI solutions that transform unstructured data into digestible knowledge and actionable insights. By fusing best-of-breed text mining technologies with the power of human domain and linguistic expertise, our models make sense of any type and volume of text in 11 languages, so you’re free to focus on more meaningful, intelligence-intensive tasks.

Our solutions are immediately deployable, customisable, and can be augmented via our DSaaS capabilities.