Speed Up Your Content Generation

This Automated Journalism Platform is capable to create and publish thousands of data-based news stories and reports per day. It supports aggregation of datasets, custom conditioning rules and multiple dynamic templates.

We want to save reporters tedious hours of accessing spreadsheets of figures, analysing them and manually reporting the results. Writing a story like that takes at least half an hour while for the same time a software program can deliver hundreds of stories.

Let’s make things simple. What will a machine need to produce a report, let’s say on Bulgaria’s GDP growth in May, as soon as the statistics office releases its figures? A program to harvest the figures from the source, software to pick the proper language from a pool of options (news templates and thesauri) and an algorithm to turn it into a story.

Yes, we have developed this technologies and possess a long-standing know-how. Trust us, automated journalism is as easy as it sounds!

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