What we believe in

Identrics strives to free companies' employees from doing low profile data and text processing tasks by implementing automation. We believe that people should be able to unfold their true talents and potential instead of simply reading and interpreting information. Our innovative solutions stir their transformation into data scientists, who create more added value for the business.

Mission Values Ethics
We empower the insight-driven business. Commitment to customers, Teamwork, Flexibility, Trust and Excellence. We protect the integrity of your information and don't provide it to third parties.

Meet the team

A small, but highly motivated team with a big mission.

Vladimir Petkov


Vladimir has an extensive experience in Open Source Software, the publishing & IT industries. He loves sharing know how and helping businesses, as well as individuals grow, change and evolve.

Deyan Peychev


Deyan is a veteran in data processing and semantic analysis technologies. He's the one responsible for weighing all the options and choosing the best technological approach for each case.

Iva Marinova

Infrastructure and R&D

Iva is a multitasking genius. The software integration testing, development environment, researches and an increasing interest in programming are just small parts of her valuable everyday contributions.

Atanas Ilchev

System Architect

Atanas is a knowledgeable visionary who can explain complicated technologies in an intriguing way. He's intrested in the startup culture and is always ready for new challenges.

Maria Ivanova


Maria has invested years figuring out what the customer wants. She often switches between perspectives. Climbing, traveling and exploring are her inspiration drivers.

Raya Yanakieva

Brand Manager

Raya is an enthusiast with soft spot for digital marketing and IT. Her favourite thing is listening to Vladimir and Deyan explaining the mechanics of linked data and the semantic web.

Interning @ Identrics

We're always eager to welcome the young minds interested in automated journalism, data mining and semantic web. Join our collaborative culture!