Data processing and semantic analysis

Break the magician's code and find how our integration framework works

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Discover Hidden Knowledge in Your Data

Master your accumulated knowledge via semantic networks

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Speed Up Your Content Generation

Increase your media outlet coverage with automated journalism

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Get Your Data Organized

Unleash the potential of your unstructured data

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Yes, we care. The innovative products and services of Identrics aim to meet your needs, whatever they are. Automated journalism, text mining and semantic web are our main tools that help us address challenges at every stage of the content lifecycle.

Innovative Publishing

State-of-the-art CMS, dynamic publishing system and automated content creation for professional journalists.

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Text Mining

Topically related articles, automatic content categorization and tagging, named entity recognition for go-forward media.

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Semantic Web

Knowledge graphs for smarter representation of stacked data. New insights findability and scalability made possible.

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Our Most Popular Solutions

Automated Journalism Platform

Topically Related Articles

Named Entity Recognition

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